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Truncate/empty all tables

SELECT 'TRUNCATE TABLE ' ||  tablename || ' CASCADE;' FROM pg_tables WHERE tableowner='acovix_devl';

Show process / query list

SELECT * FROM pg_stat_activity;

-- active queries
SELECT pid, age(query_start, clock_timestamp()), usename, query
    FROM pg_stat_activity
    WHERE query != '<IDLE>' AND query NOT ILIKE '%pg_stat_activity%'
    ORDER BY query_start desc;

Kill running query

SELECT pg_cancel_backend(procpid);

-- kill idle query
SELECT pg_terminate_backend(procpid);

List databases size

select datname, pg_size_pretty(pg_database_size(datname)) from pg_database order by pg_database_size(datname) desc;

Show all triggers from a schema

FROM information_schema.triggers ORDER BY event_object_table, event_manipulation;

Rename database

alter database old_name rename to new_name;

Set database owner

alter database sample_name owner to david;

Rename role

alter role role_name rename to new_role_name;
  • set password, because after rename password is cleared

List enum

select n.nspname as enum_schema,
    t.typname as enum_name,
    string_agg(e.enumlabel, ', ') as enum_value
from pg_type t
    join pg_enum e on t.oid = e.enumtypid
    join pg_catalog.pg_namespace n ON n.oid = t.typnamespace
group by enum_schema, enum_name